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The model shown is an example of the Model 515 Mister in surface mount installation and textured burgundy powder-coated standard steel. The 515 is also available in stainless steel (SS).

The Model 515 is 90 inches in height on heavy duty steel or stainless steel pipe. It features 12 misting heads mounted at forty five degree angles. The Tower Mister works optimally on 60 pounds of water pressure and does not require electricity. The quick opening slow closing metered valve may be set to run up to two minutes of invigorating mist with one push. The unique design allows multiple person usage.

The surface mount (SM, shown) installation is designed to be anchored to a concrete pad with anchor bolts through a mounting plate that is welded to the shower tower. An optional 6" stainless steel surface carrier is recommended for all pedestal surface mount installations. Most Dependable Fountains recommends specifying the optional SS Bolt Kit 1 when not ordering the optional stainless steel surface carrier.

The supply connection stops above grade behind the access door. Access doors are standard on all pedestal misters.


Accessories & Options for 515 Misting Post

Valve Box
Surface Carrier


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