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Model 545SMSS Funtime Shower

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Stainless steel Misters are powder coated for added protection.  The chrome matte oven baked powder coat is the default color provided no other color is specified at the time of order.  View in standard steel

The Funtime Shower is designed for interactive water play, to cool off warm crowds, enticing them to stay and play longer.  The  545 comes standard with four upward shower spray heads and two metered valves.  Each valve operates two shower spray heads and can be set to run up to twenty five seconds.

The surface mount (SM) installation is designed to be anchored to a concrete pad with anchor bolts through a mounting plate that is welded to the Model 545.  A 8" stainless steel surface carrier is included with the model 545 SM and 545 SMSS Funtime Shower.

The supply connection stops above grade behind the access door. Access doors are standard on all pedestal misters.


Accessories & Options for 545 Funtime Shower
*as shown on various models

Valve Box
Surface Carrier (INCLUDED)


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