CertainTeed Fiber Glass Insulation Meets Strict New Standards of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute

VALLEY FORGE, Pa., May 22 /PRNewswire/ -- CertainTeed Corporation, one of North America's leading building products manufacturers, continues its commitment to high-quality standards by meeting the stringent GREENGUARD Product Emission Standard for Children and Schools(TM). CertainTeed fiber glass insulation batts, wraps and premium blowing wool products, including InsulSafe(R)4 and OPTIMA(R), all meet the rigorous criteria.

"Our fiber glass insulation is designed to improve indoor comfort, and that includes thermal performance, acoustical performance and having a positive impact on indoor air quality. I'm proud our products have received the stamp of approval by GREENGUARD for use in schools," says Howard Deck, President of CertainTeed's Insulation Group.

Developed by the industry-independent GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI), the tough new scientific standard provides school administrators, facility professionals, parents and teachers an accessible guideline for finding low-emission products and materials for use in daycare facilities and schools. Products that have passed the GREENGUARD Product Emission Standard for Children and Schools test can be found online at http://www.greenguard.com/ .

According to GEI, a typical school can have up to four times as many occupants as an office building for the same amount of floor space, leading to much greater occupant density. And because children are still growing and breathe proportionately more air than adults, indoor pollutants can cause more severe health effects in children. Products, such as CertainTeed fiber glass insulation, can more effectively protect school children from exposure to high levels of potentially harmful pollutants.

"CertainTeed continues to support the betterment of indoor air quality by manufacturing quality insulation with low emissions. Ability to meet the new criteria for children and schools is testament to CertainTeed's commitment to the community, their customers and our children," says Carl Smith, CEO and executive director of GEI.