Perenne Collection Sage Side Door Litter Receptacle

CAD Drawings BIM Models Victor Stanley Perenne Collection Sage Side Door Litter Receptacle
The Sage side-door litter receptacle joins contemporary and functional design with enduring strength. We engineered Sage to withstand flexing and distortion inherent in perforated sheet metal while keeping the design serviceable, long lasting, and attractive. Sage features a full interior steel frame, strong exterior panels formed from 11-gauge steel nested in solid-steel frames, and our signature friction-eliminating hinges. The side door’s hinges incorporate stainless-steel pins and oil-impregnated bronze bushings, eliminating friction and maximizing the lifespan of the product.

All Sage litter receptacles and recycling stations come standard with Victor Stanley Relay™ Sensor built in with a trial period of the Relay Service. Relay continuously monitors fill levels. It also conveys temperature, weight, location via GPS and collection status, in real-time and historically. Efficient resource allocation saves an estimated 40% in collection expenses and reduces fuel waste, traffic congestion, and environmental impact.

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Model Sage: Perenne Side-Door Litter Receptacle
Model Sage: Perenne Side-Door Litter Receptacle

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