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LHL2 Kentia Pendant

CAD Drawings Auroralight Inc. LHL2 Kentia Pendant
The Kentia is a compact low energy LED fixture machined from solid bar stock. Artistic styling and precise machining make this fixture attractive and functional, interchangeable optics allow the designer to efficiently utilize light output by focusing it directly on the subject. The Kentia has an integral LED driver that allows it to operate on standard 12 volt systems with no additional hardware needed. While not intended for submerged applications, it is engineered to IP 68 standards protecting against water intrusion. Testing at the factory by total submersion virtually guarantees that the luminaire and all its internal components will remain protected from moisture regardless of mounting orientation. Each luminaire is supplied with a 15" braided stainless steel cable with a looped end for easy installation. The addition of a perforated shroud creates a dazzling sparkle on and around the luminaire.

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