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Hycrete System W1000

CAD Drawings Hycrete, Inc. Hycrete System W1000

Hycrete’s flagship concrete waterproofing admixture for integral waterproofing, W1000 dramatically reduces water ingress through concrete. Ordinary concrete absorbs water and dissolved salts through its network of pores, leading to water infiltration and corrosion of steel reinforcement.

W1000 reduces absorption to 1% or lower and helps protect steel reinforcement. Less water and fewer chlorides are able to penetrate the concrete and the reinforcement has enhanced protection from corrosion.


  • Maximum hydrophobic concrete performance – <1% absorption
  • Cradle to Cradle™ certified green building product.
  • Easy to use – push-button dosing, consistent quality performance.
  • Excellent performance in green concrete mixes with high SCM content.
  • Neutral impact on most concrete properties

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