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The Arches Pergola

CAD Drawings Garden Arc The Arches Pergola

This  piece is designed to be a simple but exceptional addition to your  backyard. Installed on pressure treated patio base. The arches and  columns are made of common (knotty) Cedar unfinished wood. It has a  stunning, rich texture, that gets a gray/green color when weathered. It  has the classic look as all cedar siding and roofing has after years of  exposure. It is great exterior, weatherproof  material. The Base is 2"x6" pressure treated pine optional, covered with 5/4"  thick treated decking and painted with transparent oil finish. The canopy covers over the arch design gives excellent shade and protection on a strong sunny day.
 All parts are pre-cut and pre-drilled, ready to install, we ship in a wood crate.  

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