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Tapered Urban Chic Composite Rectangular Planter

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This collection of Urban Chic Premier Tapered Planters resulted from an evolution in design of our popular Square Urban Chic Planter. Although designed as commercial outdoor planters, these tapered planters also look great indoors: as is evidenced by their application in two Westfield Mall shopping centers. With sleek, angled lines these modern planters add an impressive statement as commercial tapered planters or in private residences.

Made of solid wall Premier Cellular PVC, these contemporary planters will never rot, mildew, split, cup or warp. Cellular PVC offers an unparalleled combination of uniformity, durability and beauty. Urban Chic commercial tapered planters are available in standard white but can be painted to fit unique project color schemes. These modern outdoor planters are available for orders or custom size tapered planters in any quantity. Planters Unlimited also offers creative, water saving irrigation solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Tapered Urban Chic Composite Rectangular Planter
Tapered Urban Chic Composite Rectangular Planter

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