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Inspector'sTEST™ Model 3011A

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The AGF Model 3011 Inspector'sTEST® family of valves are designed to perform the remote inspector's test function on single story systems and other applications with the benefit of locating the orifice indoors. The Inspector'sTEST is available in four different models (M3011BV, M3011SG, M3011A, and M3011ASG) with optional orifice sizes (3/8" 2.8K, 7/16" 4.2K, 1/2" 5.6K, 17/32" 8.0K, and 5/8" 11.2K ELO).

The Model 3011A and 3011ASG feature a Model 7000 Pressure Relief Valve rated at 175 PSI with drainage piping designed to relieve excess system pressure caused by surges or temperature changes. Both models solve the difficult problem of providing the relief valve with a drainage piping outlet while complying with NFPA 13 requiring installation of a pressure relief valve on all grided systems and downstream of all pressure reducing valves.

To expedite system testing every Inspector'sTEST model is shipped semi-assembled with relief valve and bypass drain ports plugged.

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