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Mini Sprinkler

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DIG’s 861-1B Mini Compact Micro Sprinkler on Spike (pack of 1) is an insect-protected micro sprinkler with a 360° spray pattern, completely assembled with a 13" spike and 24" micro tubing with a barb. The micro sprinkler frame’s compact design supports the spinner/rotor (without a bridge) for a full-circle pattern. At the end of each irrigation cycle, the spinner is closed, preventing insects from entering the micro sprinkler housing. This large-diameter micro sprinkler has a flow rate of 39.7 GPH at 25 PSI and it provides a gentle and consistent uniformity over a wide area of up to 27’ in diameter. It is ideal for areas where low-volume overhead irrigation is desired and for areas where drip emitters are not practical. Micro sprinklers are a great choice for watering flowerbeds, groundcovers, vegetable gardens and under tree canopies.


  • Recommended for vegetable gardens, seedlings, flowerbeds, groundcovers, under tree canopies and for dust control
  • Low flow rate
  • Easy to dismantle, clean and assemble
  • Press-fit configuration for easy maintenance
  • No misting
  • Strong propulsion of the spinner/rotor at low pressure for even uniformity
  • Ideal for sloped areas with high water runoff
  • Available completely assembled on a 13" spike with 24” (.160 ID x .270 OD) micro tubing and a barb
  • Excellent performance with uniform water distribution
  • Less risk of clogging due to a larger water passage when compared to drip systems
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions

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