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Mediterra Cork Flooring - Veneer

CAD Drawings Capri Cork Mediterra Cork Flooring - Veneer

The Mediterra Collection is comprised of a variety of innovative patterns and colors in both solid & veneer constructions. In solid cork tiles, the pattern and color on the surface goes through the entire thickness of the tile and can be sanded and refinished as needed. Veneer cork has a thin layer of color affixed to the top of a solid tile. The veneer cork styles offer patterns that are not available in homogeneous construction, but cannot be sanded and refinished.

Capri cork tiles are available in standard thickness of 3/16” and standard tile size of 12”x 12”, though other sizes are also available. The cork tiles are finished with 3 coats of durable water-based matte polyurethane. And although there's no need for additional coats at the time of installation, the finish is recoatable, should high-traffic areas begin to show wear.

Capri cork tiles have also been treated with an anti-curl treatment to the back of all tiles. This extra process helps balance the tension created on the top of the tile from the application of the polyurethane. The anti-curl treatment enhances the stability of the tiles and enables them to remain flat prior to installation.

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