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BL11 Mini Bullet Light

CAD Drawings ClaroLux BL11 Mini Bullet Light
One of the smaller fixtures that ClaroLux has to offer. Eventhough it is small in stature, the BL11 mini bullet light is a powerful fixture. Featuring a small copper or brass body and brass pivoting base, these undersized power house luminaires are able to illuminate small japanese maples, short retaining walls, step landings or any other area needing a soft glow. Advance applications include under eaves or second story level lighting. The BL11 luminaire also comes standard with an adjustable shroud to help prevent light glare.  Available with Brilliance MR11 direct replacement LEDs which hosts a variety of lamp options. Brilliance LEDs are easily replaceable. The Pinehurst and Alexander come with ClaroLux's exclusive Lifetime Warranty and are made proudly in ClaroLux's factory in Greensboro, NC, USA.

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