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AC, DC Drip Zone Assembly ( In-Line )

CAD Drawings DIG Corporation AC, DC Drip Zone Assembly ( In-Line )


  • Available with 24 VAC, 7-12 DC, battery operated controller or LEMA 1600HE solenoid actuator and filter and pressure regulator
  • Each drip zone is assembled with a slow opening and closing valve for better reliability of the system
  • Flow control and manual bleed on the valve for ON/OFF operation
  • Large filter screen provides greater filtration and operation efficiency
  • Each drip zone is completely assembled for easy in-line maintenance
  • Designed with ease of maintenance for small size enclosures
  • Two models of pressure regulators (adjustable pressure or preset pressure regulation) for a wide range of pressure sets and flow rates
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions

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