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Pressure Regulating Filters and Drip Zone

CAD Drawings DIG Corporation Pressure Regulating Filters and Drip Zone

DIG’s D54 two-in-one Filter/Pressure Regulator assembly combines a 155 mesh stainless steel filter with a 25 PSI pressure regulator, reducing the number of components needed to start a drip irrigation installation, making it smaller, more dependable and easier to install. The heavy duty filter/pressure regulator’s compact design fits in smaller sized areas while supporting reliable operation and easy maintenance of a drip irrigation zone.


  • Combination of two units in one helps make installation easier and faster
  • All-purpose screen filter with built in 25 PSI pressure regulator for use in drip irrigation or micro sprinkler systems
  • Reduces incoming water pressure to the ideal working pressure for a drip system
  • 155 mesh stainless screen has excellent resistance to most common chemicals
  • Easy maintenance - the screen can be removed from the filter for easy cleaning
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  • Large filter cover with sealing O-ring provides access to the filter screen
  • Heavy duty glass-filled polypropylene body provides reliable operation under a wide range of pressures
  • A 25 PSI pressure regulator is integrated into the filter body
  • Can be installed to any AC or DC valve
  • Available with 200 mesh screen preassembled (replacement filter elements are also available)
  • One-piece construction - combines a 155 mesh filter and a 25 PSI pressure regulator
  • Provides simple conversion of an AC/DC valve into a drip zone
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions for years of reliable service

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