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Adjustable Pressure Regulators

CAD Drawings DIG Corporation Adjustable Pressure Regulators
DIG’s PRV075, pipe thread adjustable pressure regulator is used to reduce and regulate the incoming pressure of the water entering a drip irrigation or micro sprinkler system to the appropriate operating pressure range between 28 PSI and up. The wide range of pressure adjustment configuration allows for flexibility in operating range for all type of irrigation system. The PRV075, 28 to 60 PSI adjustable pressure regulators have a design that includes a plastic screw used for pressure adjustment, a stainless steel spring and a rolling diaphragm housing assembly, which regulates itself, depending on the position of the screw in reaction to the overall system back pressure. DIG’s 28 to 60 PSI adjustable pressure regulator offers exceptional pressure control and provides consistent outlet pressure over a wide range of incoming pressures for reliable control of line pressure.

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