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Vehicle Service Road Marking: Roll 1.5' x 30'

CAD Drawings AirMark by Ennis-Flint Vehicle Service Road Marking: Roll 1.5' x 30'
Designed for use on taxiways, ramps, aprons, gates, as well as vehicular roadways on the airside, the advantages and value of AirMarkĀ® are pronounced in the application of multi-colored markings that are typically time and labor intensive. The homogenous composition of AirMarkĀ® supports long-term performance regarding bond, retroreflectivity, and UV resistance. The FAA requirements for multi-colored surface signage and delineation markings presents installation and maintenance concerns using traditional application methods. With preformed thermoplastic now included in the AC 150/5370-10, AirMarkĀ® provides a sensible solution with efficient life cycle performance and savings while complementing your total airfield marking program.

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