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Water Treatment for Rain Water / Storm Water

CAD Drawings Watertronics Water Treatment for Rain Water / Storm Water

Through our SkyHarvester® Water Conservation Systems division, Watertronics offers a single-source solution for commercial, industrial and municipal water harvesting systems at new or existing sites. Our design and engineering group will work hand-in-hand with your architect or engineer to provide integrated custom solutions to harvest, store, treat, pump and control the distribution of harvested rain water.

We provide a completely integrated, single source supply/solution incorporating:

  • Rainwater storage tankage 
  • Replenishment water control and measurement 
  • Remote data logging and control 
  • Premium efficient pumps and motors 
  • Custom PLC controls and logic 
  • Auto-flushing filter for clean irrigation water 
  • Advanced treatment alternatives for toilet flushing or other reuse applications in conformance with federal, state and local regulations 
  • Multiple replenishment source control (priority based) 
  • Integration with building automation systems