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Vertical + Square Tube Bike Rack - Double Sided

CAD Drawings BIM Models Sportworks Vertical + Square Tube Bike Rack - Double Sided
Say hello to the Vertical+ No Scratch® Bike Rack, from Sportworks, the innovator of the widely regarded No-Scratch® and Plaza sidewalk bike parking solutions. With an exclusive no-sag truss design, square tube construction, anti-theft hardware, rear tire support to keep bikes in place and wide adaptability, this is the rack that everybody has been asking for and specifying. Our proprietary No Scratch® bumper protects bikes from getting scratched while loading, unloading and storing bikes. Endless configurability allows for myriad of layouts based on the space provided. The innovative rack design allows the Vertical+ No Scratch® to fit in places where a traditional double decker rack wouldn't. The Vertical+ No Scratch® also allows for mounting against a wall or a freestanding configuration based on the requirements of the project.

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