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Majestic Niagara Slate

CAD Drawings EcoStar LLC Majestic Niagara Slate
Bigger is better when it comes to EcoStar LLC’s latest innovation. Majestic Niagara Slate is a natural-looking, 5/8" thick, synthetic slate roofing tile produced in 12" and/or 14" widths. This added size allows each Majestic Niagara Slate 14" tile to cover one square foot of roof deck at the 10" exposure (100 tile/square), maintaining a 2" headlap throughout. An additional 9" exposure option allows for the creation of unique looks using staggered, offset or random width installations. This design consumes less raw material, reduces roof load by up to 20% and lowers installation labor by 30%. Unlike other synthetic slates, Majestic Niagara Slate is manufactured from 80% post-industrial recycled materials. EcoStar roofing tiles, including the larger Majestic Niagara Slate, provide longlasting durability, superior protection against extreme weather conditions and 50 years of warranty coverage. Available in 11 standard colors, Majestic Niagara Slate offers endless opportunity to showcase the beauty of natural slate at a fraction of the cost.

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