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Woodshake Metal Roof Shake Tile: Weathered Wood

CAD Drawings Boral Steel Woodshake Metal Roof Shake Tile: Weathered Wood
The natural look of real wood shake has met its match with the authentic detail of Allmet stone-coated metal Woodshake tile. Experience an unbeatable combination of metal roofing systems’ strength and security, along with the welcoming appearance of natural wood shake. Of course, wood shake never had the uniquely designed and optimized interlocking fit of Allmet Woodshake tiles. Nor did any wood shake continue year after year to look as stunning as it did when installed. Even when fierce wind and hail storms hit, these tiles will continue to deliver worry-free performance, without natural wood shake’s maintenance, repair and replacement expenses.
Natural wood shake roofs are a serious fire risk for the home owner. With Allmet's stone-coated steel roofing you wont need to treat for insects, mold and fungus, and you will enjoy lower insurance premiums thanks to our "Class-A" fire rating.