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Double Hoop Jump

CAD Drawings BIM Models Dog-ON-It-Parks Double Hoop Jump
The Double Hoop Jump offers two play components in one and is a practical component for smaller parks that need to maximize space. One hoop accommodates large and extra-large breeds, while the smaller option is suitable for medium and small dogs. Our signature paw and bone details are precision routed, and help to provide depth perception. 

  • Components that offer multiple play opportunities are both space saving and ideal for all size dogs.
  • Inside diameter of the tire is wide enough for even the largest pooch.
  • Smaller hoop sits just above ground level and is suitable for small dogs including low riders like Basset Hounds!
  • Once your dog has mastered the jump, try doing a series of Figure 8’s, so that your dog jumps through the hoop, then immediately turns around to jump through going the opposite direction.

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