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Century Tree Guard

CAD Drawings BIM Models Century Products Century Tree Guard
CAD Drawings BIM Models Century Products Century Tree Guard
Century’s Tree Guards are manufactured from a durable high-density and light-weight polyethylene material. When firmly placed at the base of the tree, the Tree Guard is designed to prevent tree trunk damage from rodents, weed trimmers and mowers. Century Tree Guards maintain the health of your tree by protecting the vital trunk, so that essential nutrients are delivered from the soil to the roots, up the trunk and disbursed throughout the limbs of the tree. Without the protection of a Tree Guard, trees are susceptible to damages that weaken the structure of the tree and disallow nutrients to be properly absorbed by the tree. Our Tree Guards feature perforated vents to ensure proper ventilation to the tree trunk and is designed to expand with the tree trunk as the tree grows. With our integrated tabbed connection, you can connect two or more Tree Guards to be used for larger trees.

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Century Tree Guard
Century Tree Guard

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