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WaterMax 5000 Quickship

CAD Drawings Watertronics WaterMax 5000 Quickship
The 5000 offers precise and reliable pumping power for various water sources including lakes, ponds, boosted city supply, or harvested water.  Skid mounted, prefabricated, and self-contained, the rugged 5000 is available in suction lift, flooded suction, submersible, and booster models.

The WaterMax™ Series 5000 is a prefabricated, self-enclosed pump station with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology to provide smooth, accurate, surge-free, and energy efficient performance at varying flow rates.
  • Flows up to 400 GPM or 140 PSI
  • Motor range is 3 to 30 HP
  • Voltages options include 240/1 phase; 208/3 phase; 240/3 phase; and 480/3 phase
  • NEMA 3R service-rated main disconnect
  • U.L. listed control panel
  • VFD pressure regulation with surge-free soft starting
  • Multi-line operator interface display
  • Alarms: low pressure shutdown; high pressure shutdown; VFD fault shutdown; high pump temperature shutdown; motor overload shutdown; phase loss (3 phase only)
  • Lightning surge protection
  • Pressure drop starting
  • Stainless steel pressure transducer
  • Flow sensor
  • Pump construction features include a bronze impeller and a cast iron volute with back pullout design
  • Discharge isolation valve
  • Priming port for suction lift application
  • Positive prime assembly on lift application
  • Foot valve for lift application
  • Engineered, forced air cooled, 14-gauge steel enclosure with lockable lid
  • Powder coat or baked polyurethane industrial finish on enclosure & base
  • Industrial grade pipe coating system
  • Stainless steel fasteners

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