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Vertical Turbine Quickship ( VTQ )

CAD Drawings Watertronics Vertical Turbine Quickship ( VTQ )
Watertronics Vertical Turbine Pumping Systems are engineered and built specifically for each customer and can meet virtually any flow and pressure requirements.

  • Programmable logic controls which incorporate unique algorithms to optimize pressure regulation and pump pressure characteristics to reduce pressure surges.
  • Variable Frequency Drives assure near perfect pressure regulation and incorporate ride-through protection to keep systems operational following loss of power or alarm.
  • VirtualVision™ is our easy-to-use touchscreen operator interface with a TFT Active Matrix LCD display for monitoring alarms, changing pump sequencing, adjusting downstream pressure, changing filter flush duration, recording or resetting water usage, calibration, and more.
  • Watervision® remote monitoring technology offers user-friendly software to access your pump station from afar.
  • Pump-Link® provides real time integration between the irrigation system’s central computer and pump station.
  • Reservoir level controls provide repeatability within a fraction of an inch.
  • Unitized skid construction offers a continuous rust-protected sheet of pre-punched steel, free of welding seams which are unnecessary points of weakness.
  • Rust-fighting coatings are individually applied in a process that includes metal preparation, a rust-inhibitive coating, baked epoxy prime coat, and two-part ultraviolet insensitive baked polyurethane finish.
  • Inverter Duty Energy Efficient VHS motors.
  • High-pressure ductile iron discharge head, which offers 65,000 PSI tensile strength with radial discharge flow for improved efficiency and corrosion resistance, and unique dual-port air release system for complete purging of air.
  • Porcelain-lined cast iron bowls. High-Efficiency stainless steel impellers with a flow-optimized design and smooth, frictionless surface.
  • Filters designed to resist rust and corrosion with pressure transducers upstream and downstream for superior flushing performance.
  • Filter Flush Valve which uses a dirty water tolerant Electric Butterfly Valve rather than a Hydraulic Diaphragm Valve.
  • Automatically self-draining freeze-proof heat exchanger.

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