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SkyHarvester SH-80 Standard

CAD Drawings Watertronics SkyHarvester SH-80 Standard

The SkyHarvester® product line fromWatertronics®, a Lindsay company, provides a single-source solution for commercial water harvesting systems for new or existing building sites. A water harvesting system gathers water from one or more building locations such as rooftops, parking lots, and air conditioning units to store, filter and distribute water for your specific non-potable use.

The SkyHarvester SH-80 is a pre- packaged engineered pump station featuring integrative controls, filtration and water treatment. With the ability to pump up to 80 GPM, filter water to 25 micron, and disinfect water with ultraviolet light to a LOG 4 reduction of common microbial contaminants, the SkyHarvester SH-80 can deliver filtered and disinfected water at a constant pressure under varying flow rates to meet today’s commercial needs. Your SkyHarvester arrives pre-tested and assembled specifically to your performance requirements, ensuring a quick installation and trouble free start-up.

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