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EZ-Drive Curb Ramps

CAD Drawings Eco-Flex EZ-Drive Curb Ramps
Eco-Flex® EZ Drive Curb Ramps are an attractive, durable and environmentally friendly solution for the incline created from the street to the driveway. This ramp is designed to help prevent spoiler damage, increase the life expectancy of shocks and springs, while also greatly reducing occupant discomfort by bridging the gutter gap. The EZ Drive Curb Ramp also has a specially designed water groove on the underside to help prevent gutter block by allowing rain water to flow through.
  • Size: 60" L x 16" W. Thickness: 2". Weight: 57 lbs.
  • Colors: Black.
  • Applications: Traffic Control.
  • Shipping: 42 per 4' x 5' x 3.5' = 2475 lbs.
  • Delivery: FOB Legal, Alberta, Canada.

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