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Yukon Pad Plus Mat

CAD Drawings Eco-Flex Yukon Pad Plus Mat
Eco-Flex® Yukon Pad Plus Mats are one of the toughest mats made on the market and are specially designed to provide a temporary access solution. The internal structure has an embedded, patented spine while the surface is textured to provide excellent traction for all types of traffic. Eco-Flex® Yukon Mats have been proven to be the best solution for long term use under some of the most unruly site conditions and usages. Yukon mats are manufactured with lifting lugs for easy handling.
  • Size: 14' L (4.27 m) x  7.5 W (2.29 m) Thickness: 3" ( 0.08 m) Weight: 1950 lbs (885 kgs)
  • Handling Method: 4 Point Lifting Lugs.
  • Shipping:  18 per 20 Overseas Container.
  • Delivery: FOB, Legal, Alberta, Canada.

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