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SGi LED Step Light: 1W Swivel

CAD Drawings SGi Lighting Inc. SGi LED Step Light: 1W Swivel
SGi’s 1 watt dimmable Swivel LED Step Light promotes equal amounts of beauty and safety. Use them as LED stair lighting, LED walkway lighting or LED pathway lighting. This compact LED accent light has a user-selectable 360 degree swivel feature for full command in direction of the light beam. Swivel down to illuminate for LED step lights or LED pathway lights, or swivel in other directions to create a unique LED accent light gallery on the wall. Install as cluster LED lights, single LED lights or as mini LED wall sconces at any height for an interesting light cast. The sophisticated LED lighting design complements any décor style and can be installed with dimmable LED power supplies on single or multiple LED transformers. Adjustable SGi LED accent lights bring any wall to life.

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