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SGi LED Flex Light: BasicBright

CAD Drawings SGi Lighting Inc. SGi LED Flex Light: BasicBright
Unlike other members of SGi’s LED Flex family, the BasicBright model provides a smaller level of illumination. At just 1.57 watts per foot BasicBright is perfect for applications that require gentle or subdued lighting. Decorative areas or small spaces really benefit from this hushed illumination source. BasicBright LED Flex lights range in colour temperatures from 2700K to 5000K to coordinate with any style or design. Because of its super-tiny, low profile size (only 10 millimetres wide) the BasicBright can fit into the smallest spaces. It is ideal for applications like kick plate lighting or shelf lighting when conventional lighting would be too bright. Install them as indoor or outdoor LED lighting. It’s also a great alternative for LED Step and Pathway Lighting, as night time vision benefits from a low glare shine. A dimmable ability allows the user to lower light levels even further to achieve an ideal ambience. Install custom lengths of multiple or single runs along straight edges or curves.

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