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SGi LED Flex Light: ExtremeBright

CAD Drawings SGi Lighting Inc. SGi LED Flex Light: ExtremeBright
Get an extra boost of illumination with the ExtremeBright LED Flex light. It has double the amount of diodes the UltraBright has and therefore provides a double the illumination. Even though two rows of diodes make it the widest strip in the LED Flex family, the ExtremeBright still possesses a compact design. Applications like LED signage lighting benefit from a low profile light that produces a radiant shine. They are also very impressive as a task light. Intense illumination improves the efficiency of high-function of work areas. Use the dimming feature to change the ambience when bright illumination is no longer needed. ExtremeBright LED Flex lights range in colour temperatures from 2700K to 5000K to coordinate with any style or design. Install them as indoor or outdoor LED lighting. Install custom lengths of multiple or single runs along straight edges or curves.

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