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SGi LED Neon: Arch

CAD Drawings SGi Lighting Inc. SGi LED Neon: Arch
SGi’s LED Neon Arch is a bright light with an “arch” bend that provides illumination shining opposite the curve, rather than alongside it. It combines flexibility and bright illumination in a compact housing emitting light at a 160 degree beam angle. At the same time, an unobtrusive size is easy to hide, which makes it a great solution for cove applications. The IP68 rating allows for the LED Neon Arch to be fully submersed to upgrade underwater features. Achieve straight or curved installations with a selection of mounting accessories like self-locking tracks or clips. These secure mounting options allow for any angle of lighting installation. LED Neon Lights can also be bent up to 300 millimetres, removing limitations experienced with other LED lights. Connect up to 32 feet on one transformer or 65 feet with the dual power option. Available in a stunning array of white lights.

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