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SGi LED Spot Lights: 18W Magnum

CAD Drawings SGi Lighting Inc. SGi LED Spot Lights: 18W Magnum
Introducing SGi’s 18 watt Magnum LED Spot Light. This high intensity LED light offers robust LED up lighting or LED down lighting for LED landscape or LED architectural lighting applications. Its high reaching LED beam projects powerful LED light that’s perfect for LED wash lighting, LED flood lighting, or high power LED lighting. Choose from a variety of designer finishes to match any style. A durable waterproof LED design allows this LED spotlight to perform year-round as an LED landscape spot. Use its powerful LED light beam for bright LED highlighting on trees or LED façade lighting applications. SGi’s Magnum LED Spot light comes in 15 degree, 45 degree and 60 degree LED beam angles in order to perfectly match commercial LED or residential LED outdoor lighting applications.

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