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Outdoor Sink Base with False Drawer Face

CAD Drawings Werever Outdoor Cabinets Outdoor Sink Base with False Drawer Face

If you have plumbing stubs outside, you absolutely need an outdoor sink base that will stand up against the elements. A wood-based cabinet will fail sooner than you expect. The cost of replacing a wood cabinet that is falling apart along with the plumbing, sink, and countertop is a significant expense to have to do a second time. Do it right the first time with an outdoor cabinet that is built to last a lifetime.

Sink Base cabinets for outdoor kitchens can accommodate any drop-in or under mount sink. With a matching false drawer fa├žade, the front of sink base cabinets appears identical to a single-drawer cabinet. Just like with other outdoor cabinets by WerEver, all cabinets 18" and smaller have one door. Cabinets 21" inches and larger have double doors

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