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Bird Barrier: Mist Net Kits

CAD Drawings Bird Barrier Bird Barrier: Mist Net Kits
Using a mist net to capture birds in a store is already a challenging matter. Your equipment shouldn't make it harder! 

Bird Barrier's new Mist Net Kits minimize labor time and headaches through a series of innovations:
  1. An angled 140-pound magnet locks to steel beams, shelves and pipes.
  2. A removable, 60-inch top section enables users to simply roll up mist nets when done using them.
  3. Telescoping 18-foot and 24-foot bottom-section poles deliver smooth cam-lock section control. And aluminum is far stiffer than fiberglass.
  4. A locking coupler provides a strong link between the top section and telescopic poles.
  5. Flexible fiberglass chase pole and painter?s tape flag are an ideal way to chase birds toward the net.
  6. Laser pointer reinforces the chase pole.

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