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Folding Doors: All Aluminum ULTRA (US.51)

CAD Drawings Panda Windows & Doors Folding Doors: All Aluminum ULTRA (US.51)
The All Aluminum ULTRA is ideal for commercial and industrial applications where high strength and maximum access is desired such as hotel complexes, resorts, restaurants & lounges, commercial lefts, and educational institutions. 

- The precision hardware utilized in the Panda Windows & Doors™ ULTRA models is top in the industry and designed to withstand the weight of large panels. 
- The stainless steel carrier hinges are rated up to 450 lbs. per panel. 
- The sealed bearing rollers allow for effortless operation even on the largest sizes. 
- Magnetic gaskets are used to ensure a weather-tight seal every time, making your home feel cozy and secure.

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