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PandaSelect™ Collection: All Aluminum (LS.30)

CAD Drawings Panda Windows & Doors PandaSelect™ Collection: All Aluminum (LS.30)
The (LS.30) PandaSelect™ All Aluminum Lift and Slide helps architects and general contractors when they are asked to deliver more for less. The LS.30 is a luxury door while also being economical. It is specifically designed to fit into more standard sized openings eliminating the restraints that Panda’s other custom lift and slide doors have and engineered for maximum weathertightness, security and performance. 

- The PandaSelect™ LS.30 lift and slide panels can accommodate most any opening up to 10’ tall and 5’ wide. 
- The LS.30 allows for stackable or pocketed configurations with a maximum of 5 panels per side in a bi-parting configuration. 
- Despite their strength, the profiles are extremely slim which means minimal sightlines both at the head and foot of the door. This also allows for a slim sightline where the panels meet. 
- The narrow profile widths and expansive glass area makes this system ideal for single family homes, restaurants, hotels, multi-family properties and high-rise residential buildings.

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