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PandaSelect™ Collection: Aluminum/Wood Clad (LS.31)

CAD Drawings Panda Windows & Doors PandaSelect™ Collection: Aluminum/Wood Clad (LS.31)

The (LS.31) PandaSelect™ Thermally Broken Aluminum / Wood Clad Door System features an aluminum exterior with a wood interior.  The wood, available in many types, is a perfect selection whether you are seeking to complement a traditional home’s interior or bring warmth to a more contemporary project.  It is a perfect fit as a compliment to the wood windows on your traditional home or as a touch of warmth to your contemporary projects.

Inside only the soft lines, warmth and ambiance of the wood are visible, retaining that cozy feel.  The aluminum surface is extremely durable and able to withstand any weather condition.

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