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PandaSelect™ Collection: Aluminum Wood Clad Thermally Broken (LTS.31)

CAD Drawings Panda Windows & Doors PandaSelect™ Collection: Aluminum Wood Clad Thermally Broken (LTS.31)
The PandaSelect™ Aluminum/Wood Clad Thermally Broken Lift and Slide System features an aluminum exterior with a wood interior. This system can match existing wood windows or wood floor finishes in a traditional home and it also makes a great addition to a contemporary living space.

- The wood interior is available in several species such as Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Pine and Oak. 
- These doors provide warmth, elegance and beauty with an extra layer of insulation. Inside only the soft lines, warmth and ambience of the wood are visible, retaining that warm and comfortable feel. 
- The aluminum surface is extremely durable and able to withstand whatever the elements throw at it. The thermally isolated aluminum frame is what makes it strong and resistant to the harshest elements and do not require constant finish maintenance. 
- Aluminum Panels also allow for larger sizes with huge glass expanses that not only accentuate the views of the surroundings but also invites more natural daylight into a structures interior space.