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Reflecti-Guard™ Retro-Reflective Photo Optic Sensor Mounting Options

CAD Drawings Miller Edge Inc. Reflecti-Guard™ Retro-Reflective Photo Optic Sensor Mounting Options

The Reflecti-Guard™ Photo Optic Sensor is a non-contact safety device. It will detect the presence of an obstacle when the infrared light beam is interrupted, providing a safe means of stopping and/or reversing a gate’s motion. A single unit houses the light emitter and receiver, and can be configured for relay or pulsed signals. A beam of light is sent from the emitter to a reflector that sends the light beam back to the receiver.

Reflecti-Guard’s rugged, waterproof NEMA4 housing makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, such as tollbooths or parking lots. It can span up to 100ft.


• Tested with most listed commercial gate operator manufacturers

• Complies with the UL 325-2016 Standard

• May be used as the required monitored device or as an ancillary device

Before designing or motorizing any gate, be sure to read and understand the ASTM-F2200 standard for gate construction. Additionally, since 2009, the International Building Code (IBC-2009) has required compliance with the current UL 325 safety standard.

Miller Edge offers a convenient guide to help you comply with the ANSI/UL 325 standard for gate entrapment protection devices. To request a printed copy of this guide, please email

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