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DuraPak™ Apartment Compactors

CAD Drawings Chutes DuraPak™ Apartment Compactors
The DuraPak™130-HD Compactor is the ultimate tool for efficient rubbish management. Our unique design offers exceptional quality and power to compress debris and garbage while running more quietly than similar models.
The compactor drastically reduces the volume of trash using our patented components that keep noise levels to a minimum so that you get a quieter, more durable trash compactor that’s capable of reducing the dimensions of haul away garbage to a fraction of the original volume. DuraPak™ 130-HD is a trash compactor that works well for high-rise buildings and similar applications, such as hotels, hospitals, apartments and office buildings.
CHUTES International Also Offers Preventative Maintenance for DuraPak machines In Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Surrounding Areas.

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