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Sonic Sentinel® M14-1 Wildlife Propane Cannon

CAD Drawings Nixalite Sonic Sentinel® M14-1 Wildlife Propane Cannon
The Sonic Sentinel Model 14-1 Sound Cannon is the first product of its kind to provide a comprehensive list of features in one integrated solution. 

An effective solution for discouraging birds and wildlife from inhabiting unsafe or undesirable locations. Innovative wildlife deterrents designed to specifically meet the needs of agriculture, oil and gas, mining, aviation, waste management, and other related industries that must cohabitate with protected or nuisance species.

The Model 14-1 is designed to survive rough handling and operate effectively in the harshest outdoor climates. It is manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminized steel and aluminum, then powder coated for additional durability. Primary electronics are resin potted and all connectors treated to prevent corrosion.  Although compact, portable, and technically advanced, the Model 14-1 cannon is rugged enough to survive the toughest outdoor climates and work environments. Sound pressure is 130dB @ 1m.

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