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HyperSpike® 40 Acoustic Hailing Device

CAD Drawings Nixalite HyperSpike® 40 Acoustic Hailing Device

The loudest Acoustic Hailing Device in production, HyperSpike 40 is used for the transmission of clear, intelligible messages, commands and alert tones over extremely long distances. HyperSpike 40 packs a peak acoustic output of 160 dB for a communication range in excess of 2,000 meters (2,187 yards, 6,562 feet). It can produce a warning tone of 135 dB at 100 meters.

HyperSpike 40 uses HyperSpike sound generation technology to focus sound waves into a well defined 5 degree +/- sound beam that can be directed at individual targets, even if the target is over a mile away. This focused beam is used to transmit critical communications, security commands, selected wildlife distress calls, predator calls or alert tones that can be clearly understood at 1 mile.

It's not just loud - it is easy to understand at long distances. Testing showed a 0.91 out of 1.0 STI (Speech Transmission Index) which measures the clarity and intelligibility of the messages.

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