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Post to Beams: 6" Post to Beam Bolt Inline (Ironwood)

CAD Drawings BIM Models OZCO Building Products Post to Beams: 6" Post to Beam Bolt Inline (Ironwood)
OZCO Ironwood Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) 8 in. Post to Beam Bolt Inline Ironwood Connectors gives you the style you want with the strength you need. OWT adds a unique accent to many projects, allowing you to customize your home for maximum impact. The OWT Bolt Inline Kit is designed for use with 6” or larger posts. The revolutionary top cover plate interlocks with the ledge and adjusts to the thickness of the beam, and can be used on smooth or rough cut wood. The Bolt Inline Kit is ideal for roofs, larger pergolas, and higher rafting. The bottom ledge plate comes with corrosion-resistant Hex Cap Nuts and Timber Screws.

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