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Tools: Oz-Puller with Plug & Post Clamp

CAD Drawings OZCO Building Products Tools: Oz-Puller with Plug & Post Clamp
OZCO’s OZ-Puller w/ Clamps is another innovative product that simply is the best post puller available and perfect companion for anyone that needs to remove posts. The Oz-Puller is so effective & easy to use tool that you will wonder how you lived without one! To remove a post that has been set in concrete simply place the post clamp around the base of the post, engage the jack and pull the post out concrete and all! To move the extracted post just tilt the extractor back on to its heavy-duty wheels and pull to the desired location. The post and concrete are safely cradled between the support frames even on the rough or uneven terrain. The Oz-Puller is also great to remove Oz-Posts that have been used for temporary fencing or if they have been located incorrectly. With its wide base and powerful jack, the Oz-Puller can get the job done quickly. Both the plug and post clamps are included.

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