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BioD-SuperRoll™ 12

CAD Drawings RoLanka International BioD-SuperRoll™ 12
BioD-SuperRollTM  12 is a coir super roll that is made from cleaned mattress coir fiber uniformly packed into 12 in (30 cm) diameter roll with length of 10 ft (3.05 m). The uniformly-packed coir fiber roll is covered with an outer netting with eye size of 2 in x 2 in (5cm x 5cm).  The outer net is knitted with 90 lbs. (400 N) strength machine spun bristle coir twine. There are two sets of invisible pre-formed planting holes (vertical and 45o angle) in each 10-ft. long roll. The invisible holes are covered with coir fiber plugs with 12 in. (30 cm) spacing. The places of plugs are marked with visible markings.   One end of the square coir super log comes with a pouch from the netting to facilitate sound connection between 2 rolls.

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