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PAM Powder

CAD Drawings RoLanka International PAM Powder
RoLanka offers anionic polyacrylamide polymer (PAM) in a powder form. PAM powder can help reduce the sediment load in stormwater runoff. Care should be taken when using these polymers for sediment control. Natural fiber filters, which hold polymer particles, should be used to remove any excess polymer levels in runoff before the water enters a lake or stream. Otherwise, excess amounts of the polymer in aquatic systems can cause adverse long-term effects that may carry through the food chain.

PAM is a linear polymer (anionic polyacrylamide) that electronically binds soil particles together. Treating bare land with PAM during construction activities slows erosion of soil particles and increases the rate at which suspended particles settle out of water. An application rate of about 10 lbs./acre is recommended. It is available in 55 lbs. bags.