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RK: Mini Speed Hump (18" Wide)

CAD Drawings RubberForm Recycled Products LLC RK: Mini Speed Hump (18" Wide)

RubberForm’s Speed Mini-Humps control traffic and reduce vehicle speeds to 15 mph with RubberForm Speed Mini-Humps. Made from 100% recycled tire rubber, our high-traction speed mini-humps are highly visible and extremely durable. Easy-to-install, 24? modular sections are an excellent way to test traffic-calming solutions in different areas prior to a permanent application. Place them strategically on streets and residential thoroughfares; in parking lots and parking garages; construction work zones; in/around street fair events; and at schools, universities, hospitals and apartment complexes.

Our speed humps quietly and effectively slow traffic without vehicle or tire damage. Increases pedestrian safety and installs easily with lag bolts. Simply drill a hole with a masonry bit and penetrate the asphalt or concrete surface below. Easily removable for road surface maintenance.

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