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Engineered Rubber Curb

CAD Drawings RubberForm Recycled Products LLC Engineered Rubber Curb

The RubberForm Engineered Rubber Curb is a rugged, temporary or permanent curb material manufactured from heavy-duty recycled rubber. Easily installed, it may be field-formed down to a 5” radius or preformed down to a 1” radius. No excavation is required, and it can repeatedly withstand class 8 truck impacts.

RubberForm Engineered Curb is designed out of 100% heavy-duty recycled rubber for performance that outlasts concrete curbing with hard-wearing durability and low maintenance.

The Engineered Rubber Curb is a completely customer-designed rubber curbing that can be made into pre-formed traffic circles, islands, center medians and other traffic calming shapes formed to your specification. It is ideal for concrete curb replacement, curb extensions or permanent sidewalks.

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