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Cooking Stoves: Deva Wood Cookstove

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The Deva 100 Wood Cookstove is not your mother's typical range cooker.  Modern styles include enameled cast iron surfaces with chrome and nickel details.

Made to last and amazingly versatile, the Deva 100 is everything you should expect from a wood-fired cook stove:  inviting, stylish, maintainable, and remarkable. From the beauty of the stove's durable, cast iron and nickel trim construction to the modern, state-of-the-art technology performance and easy to use controls, the Deva 100 is a joy to use!


  • Generous oven with 2.47 cubic feet of cooking space to bake a 20 lb turkey

  • Glass oven and flame view doors

  • Vitreoceramic cooktop for modern convenience and style, easy to keep clean and efficient heat transfer

  • Single oven temperature control with dual thermometer showing both Fahrenheit and Celsius

  • Single air-intake control

  • Non-catalytic combustion system

  • Top or rear exit flue

  • EPA Exempt

  • Washington State Approved

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