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Pet Synthetic Turf Installation - Indoor Concrete Base

CAD Drawings ProGreen Synthetic Turf Systems Pet Synthetic Turf Installation - Indoor Concrete Base

When choosing the right artificial turf for your dogs, the most important feature you need to look for is drainage. As far as drainage is concerned, no other synthetic grass can top ProGreen. All of our canine products feature our patent-pending ProFlow technology, which is a non-perforated backing that increases drainage capacity by over 100%.

There are many benefits to a non-perforated backing in a pet application. First, with the perforations, the liquids have to find these holes in order to drain. It is not uncommon for liquids, including urine, to rest in the areas in between these holes. Resting urine will result in a terrible odor, which is why drainage is so important. With a flow through backing like ProFlow, the urine does not need to find these holes to drain; it just drains right through.

Second, artificial grass for dogs is typically installed with a coated silica sand infill to help stabilize the turf. In perforated synthetic turf, the sand can work its way into these holes that are used for drainage and block them. Over time, the turf’s drainage efficiency decreases as more and more holes become clogged. Yet, with ProFlow, drainage is not dependent on holes, so the coated silica sand will not interfere with the drainage capacity, and it will remain consistent throughout the life of the turf.

Bear in mind that it is the drainage efficiency that makes pet turf eliminate mud and puddles. For homeowners, this is one of the biggest perks of artificial grass for dogs – no more muddy paws. To ensure you get all of the desired advantages, you need to go with a quality product that will properly drain, like ProGreen.

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